The PowerUp module has an easy-access press and release cover which contains two data ports and two receptacles. Modules plug directly into standard outlet.

Using the Activ8 Jumper which is available in 29, 53, 77 and 101 inch lengths, multiple PowerUp Modules can be connected in series. The Activ8 Infeed is used to connect them to AC. Available only in black color. 

Please specify the location of the PowerUp Module on a table or desk so it can be cut and be ready for installation during delivery.

Please contact youe CSI Sales Representative for more information and pricing.

PowerUp Module: G-TB-AC8PUM-7  $78
Active8 Jumper: G-TB-AC8JP-xs (xx is the length of the cord)  Prices Vary, for example the 77" jumper is $42
Active8 Infeed: G-TB-AC8IF-108  $118

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