Correct Leg Base Configuration

Correct Leg Base Configuration

FlexStation Work Surfaces are preassembled at the CSI factory. Choosing the correct leg base configuration for individual work surfaces or the entire workstation is very important in order to avoid additional cost and time delays.

There are two leg bases available: standard and transitional (left and/or right)

Standard leg bases are uses for stand-alone work surface or at the end of a workstation (consists of two or more worksurfaces connected side-by-side).

Transitional leg bases are used where two work surfaces connect together. Transitional leg bases are 6 inches shorter than standard leg bases for greater legroom and chair clearance when two surfaces are joined. When seated at the work surface, “right” or “left” refers to the individual work surface, not the assembled workstation.

Below, the standard leg bases are shown on the left and right side of the workstation and transitional legs on the inside of this workstation.

A workstation made of three Basic Work Surfaces connected side-by-side will have the following leg base configuration: The first work surface will include a standard leg base on the left and a transitional leg base on the right. The middle work surface will include transitional leg bases on both sides. The last work surface will include a transitional leg base on the left side and a standard leg base on the right.

During the design phase, your CSI Sales Representative will help you identify the correct leg base configurations as well as what work surfaces connect together to form a workstation.