Wellness Enhancing Solutions

Standing during the workday helps promote blood flow throughout the body, allowing workers to be more productive and more efficient. In fact, studies have shown that a combination of sitting and standing during a normal workday allows workers to burn nearly 30 percent more calories than sitting alone. In addition, workers experiences less neck and back pain and an overall improvement of mood, boosting employee morale and enhancing worker wellness.

Check out the variety of sit/stand solutions we offer based on your current desking system. Some of the products we offer are in stock for quick delivery. Make sure you contact your CSI Sales Representative for any questions regarding the products or availability.

CSI offers three solutions:

  • Solution 1: Purchase a new desk (choose from 16 available models) and a Workstation.
  • Solution 2: If you already have a desk, just add a Workstation.
  • Solution 3: Purchase a new Adjustable Desk. Choose the Electric (10 sizes), the Electric L-Base (16 sizes) or the Crank Adjustable (16 sizes) model.

CSI prices include delivery and set up throughout Nebraska. Please contact your CSI Sales Representative for more information. See more photos and videos in our Pinterest page.