Yes, We Make License Plates!

Most people know that incarcerated individuals manufacture the license plates used in Nebraska. CSI manufactures the current varieties of license plates issued by the State of Nebraska. We only sell the plates to the Nebraska of Department of Motor Vehicles. Find out more about the history of license plates in Nebraska.

The work is done at the License Plate Shop in the Nebraska State Penitentiary located in Lincoln, NE. Watch a video of the actual production of the Nebraska license plates.

The production of license plates is a major part of CSI. Every six years new designs are issued. CSI manufactures the new plates but also continues to produce plates, though in smaller quantities, throughout the six year period. The shop employs as many as 14 incarcerated men during new license plate issue and as few as 8 during other times. They also make award plates issued by the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services for staff longevity. In addition, the shop makes commemorative plates for special occasions and especially for various visiting groups and individuals (dignitaries and others). 

Here are some photos from the License Plate Shop: