Council & Board Room

Council & Board Room

100% Custom Made


We custom design and manufacture tables for large or small city or county council meeting rooms, board rooms or any type of hearing rooms. We have a number of comfortable chairs for council members to choose from such as the Khroma or Breathe among others. In addition, we can provide podiums, chairs,  such as the Companion or Navigator, and tables for the public. CSI prices include delivery and set up throughout Nebraska.

Our custom tables can include power strips for various electronic devices and Tuck LED lights per customer request.

Our custom circulation or reception desks can include power strips for various electronic devices and LED lights per customer request. Further customization includes your choice of wood type, oak or birch, wood stainlaminateedge profile and hardware. Request a sample of your favorite options, a quote or estimated delivery date by contacting your CSI Sales Representative. You may also choose built-in cabinets to keep files, pencil drawers or even keyboard drawers. Additional products to consider include a credenza, or filing cabinets.

Your CSI Sales Representative can make a free onsite visit throughout Nebraska which allows to measure the space, discuss specifics and provide you with a detailed layout of the space and a detailed drawing (see below) of the desk. 



Please contact your CSI Sales Representative for more details. Here are a few projects we have completed: