Conference tables come in the shape, size and style to fit the needs of most customers. If needed, we can design a custom table to better accommodate the available space or need. The conference tables we offer allow from 4 to 18+ participants to sit comfortably and have enough space to do their job. CSI offers five choices of conference tables:

  • Pedestal Leg (Boat Shape) available in three sizes, 72”x36”, 96”x48” and 144”x60”. Each boat-shaped table features two tapered pedestal legs, a 3” apron inset 3.5” from outer edge, easy care laminate top, and decorative hardwood Roman Ogee edge trim. All tables are 30” high.
  • DEQ Conference Table available in 60”x30”. It works well for smaller spaces and still allows 6 people to sit around comfortably for a meeting! This table has a unique round inlay hardwood edge and easy care laminate top.
  • Round Conference Table available in 36”, 40” and 48” diameter. This table is a compact and attractive addition to any office and includes a standard easy care laminate top and flat laminate edging.
  • Round Conference Table w/wood edge available in 42” and 48” diameter. It is uses a sturdy wood pedestal base and an oval hardwood edge for added elegance.
  • H-Base Table with optional caster and ganging mechanism and sizes varying from 20”x40” to 36”x72”. The H-Base Table in casters flips and nests for easy storage. The locking gangers offer great stability. You can set a number of these tables in the shape you want to better accommodate a group meeting.

Seating is a very imprortane part of any conference room. In some cases you can choose the fabric to provide color to the room. CSI recommends four chairs, though customers may choose any of the chairs in our product line based on the need and budget.

  • Khroma is availeble in Onyx (black) PVC Free Collection, Canter EPU Line Vinyl and combines ergonomic comfort and support with a plush appearance and exceptional styling. 
  • Delta is vailable with no arms, adjustable arms or curved arms and your choice of fabric or vinyl
  • Navigator chairs fold up seat to nest away if needed. Use your choice of fabric and frame color. It is available with or withou arms. 
  • Dakota is a molded chair that offers durability and versatility at an affordable price. Available upholstered with your choice of fabric or with poly (20 colors to choose from).

The cost can vary from less than $900 to over $8,000 depending on the table and chairs (including style of individual chair) you choose.  Here are some examples:

      Total Cost with Total Cost with Total Cost
Total Cost with


Navigator Chairs Dakota Chairs
Pedestal Leg (Boat Shape) 36" x 72" 6 $3,017 $3,047 $1,991 $1,481
Pedestal Leg (Boat Shape) 48" x 96" 14 $6,198 $6,268 $3,804 $2,614
Pedestal Leg (Boat Shape) 60" x 144" 18 $8,061 $8,151 $4,983 $3,453
DEQ Conference Table 30" x 60" 6 $2,817 $2,847 $1,791 $1,281
Round Conference Table 36" 4 $1,908 $1,928 $1,224 $884
Round Conference Table 40" 4 $1,913 $1,933 $1,229 $889
Round Conference Table 48" 6 $2,692 $2,722 $1,666 $1,156
Round Conference Table w/Wood Edge 42" 4 $2,010 $2,030 $1,326 $986
Round Conference Table w/Wood Edge 48" 6 $2788 $2,818 $1,762 $1,252
H-Base with Casters Locking/Ganging 30" x 72"; other sizes available 14 $7,875* $7,945* $5,481* $4,291*

*includes 7 H-Base tables (30"x72") with casters and gangling plus 14 chairs.

In addition to the conference tables and chairs, we provide power modules, additional furnishing for the conference room such as credenzas or bookcases and a speaker's podium.

For more information please contact your CSI Sales Representative directly.

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