Reconditioning and Refinishing are currently unavailable.

CSI has a long history of working with Nebraska churches. Refinishing, refurbishing, or re-upholstering church pews and other furnishings saves both money and memories. Our Quality workmanship and materials ensure customer satisfaction. 
Free onsite visit and custom design - CSI prices include delivery and set up throughtout Nebraska 

  • Contact your CSI Sales Representative
  • We will visit you at no cost to discuss the project
  • If applicable, select the fabric from the many choices we offer
  • Select the wood stain and/or laminate
  • We will provide you with the cost estimate of the project
  • If new hymnal holders or pew ends are needed, CSI will provide a cost estimate
  • We will provide you an estimated completion date
  • If agreed, CSI will schedule a pick up of the items to be worked on
  • When the work is done we will schedule a delivery date
  • CSI prices include pick up and return delivery. Please click on the previous link to read the limitations for removing and installing pews.

Additional Information:

  • All items to be picked up must be already detached from the floor, walls etc
  • Kneelers must be detached from the pews
  • Any signs must be removed prior to pick up
  • Move any items from the balcony or the downstairs basement to the main level
  • CSI will label the pews per the layout so they can be returned to the same location (the church is responsible to label pews or other items located in the balcony or downstairs)
  • Depending on the size of the pews, CSI will make a number of trips to pick up or deliver them back
  • Any repairs identified during the refinishing process will be communicated to the church and will include a cost estimate
  • CSI will deliver the pews, kneelers, rails, etc. to the church after completion. The church will be responsible for all reinstallation and for moving any pews to the balcony or downstairs.

Pricing includes stripping, sanding and refinishing. Major repairs, upholstery, and ornate details or decoration will result in additional charges. Free estimates are available, please contact your CSI Sales Representative

In addition, we have furniture for the office, filing cabinets, cafeteria tables and variety of chairs. See all of our products here.

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