CSI offers, at no additional cost to the customer, two types of custom design service:

1. Design/layout of large spaces (i.e. library, waiting room, classroom, cafeteria, court room) or smaller space (i.e. office). This includes the overall layout of regular or custom designed furnishings provided by CSI, including modular office systems.

2. Custom design of specific furnishings (i.e. bookcases, desks, credenzas, hutches, tables etc). Examples of custom furnishings include cabinetry, circulation/reception desks, council/meeting room and other furnishings (see photos below).

Our Custom Design Service includes:

  • Onsite visit by a CSI sales representative throughout Nebraska
  • Discussion of the proposed project
  • Measuring the space to accurately place all furnishing in a computer design of the space
  • Discussion of the materials to be used including
  • When the computer design of the space with all furnishings in place is completed the customer approves or requests changes to be made

  • Detailed drawings of any custom furnishings are produced to show front, top, inside and isometric views of the furnishing

See some photographs of custom design furnishings and spaces: