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Custom Design Service
Custom Design Service

At CSI we understand that no matter if you have a large space (i.e. library) or small space (i.e. office), a custom design is required to fit the necessary furnishings in the desired space. That requires custom furnishings to be designed and manufactured to fit that space. We offer an onsite custom design service at no charge to the customer. Examples of custom products include cabinetry, circulation/reception desks, council/meeting room and other furnishings (see photos below). This free service includes:

  • Onsite visit by a CSI sales representative throughout Nebraska
  • Discussion of the proposed project
  • Measuring the space to accurately place all furnishing in a computer design of the space
  • Discussion of the materials to be used including
  • When the computer design of the space with all furnishings in place is completed the customer approves or requests changes to be made

  • Detailed drawings of any custom furnishings are produced to show front, top, inside and isometric views of the furnishing

See some photographs of custom design furnishings and spaces:






Laundry Operations
Laundry Operations

CSI has two major laundry facilities inside the Nebraska State Penitentiary and the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution and a smaller facility at Lincoln Correctional Center. The facilities are used for the laundry needs of the incarcerated men and women in the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. In addition, CSI has contracts with county and state agencies to do their laundry, including County Hospitals, County Health Centers, Vets Homes and some higher education institutions. Here is how it works:

CSI picks up the laundry at no cost to the customer. When the truck arrives at the facility, the laundry goes through an x-ray machine. Combined, the two laundry facilities use two 900 lb, four 675 lb, three 135 lb, and two 95 lb washers. There are five 200 lb and four 400 lb dryers, two very large ironing/folding machine, professional hand irons and steam presses. We wash, dry, iron and fold the laundry. The service includes the use of sewing machines for repairs and alterations and a special sewing machine for towel edging repairs. If needed, hand folding is also available. All laundry processed is sorted, counted, stacked, hung or shrink wrapped and in covered, plastic transport carts provided by CSI. We x-ray the transport carts and deliver the laundry back to the customer at no cost. Our laundry service meets or exceeds all state statutes, CDC laundry requirements and industry standards for hygiene and infection control. 

Here is a non-inclusive list of laundry items:

Bath towels  ♦  Bath blankets  ♦  Wash cloths  ♦  Bedspreads  ♦  Blankets  ♦  Top sheets  ♦  Fitted sheets  ♦  Pillow cases  ♦  Clothing protectors (bibs)  ♦  Patient gowns  ♦  Patient pajama bottoms  ♦  Robes  ♦  Sweatshirts  ♦  Scrubs  ♦  Aprons  ♦  Lab Coats  ♦  Jumpsuits  ♦  Hot Pads  ♦  Mops for to dust  ♦  Mop-heads used for floor-scrubbing  ♦  Rags   ♦  Other

Our laundry customers can take advantage of the floor mat service  (click on tab at the top of this page). This is an exclusive service to our laundry customers only.




See a short presentation for more details about the CSI Laundry Service.

Please contact your CSI Sales Representative for more details.

Floor Mat Service
Floor Mat Service

CSI offers walk off mat rental and washing services for our contract laundry customers only.  This additional service can be incorporated in the routine laundry pickup and delivery schedules.


Mountville Mills Classic Brush - Watch a video about the Classic Brush and read the product specifications

Colors Available:

Garnet Onyx Quartz Sand Trap Sapphire Topaz


Prices for Classic Brush Only:

Mat Size Biweekly Rental Annual rental
2x3 $1.00 $26.00
3x4 $1.75 $45.50
3x5 $2.00 $52.00
3x10 $2.75 $71.50
4x6 $2.15 $55.90
4x8 $2.80 $72.80
6x12 $7.35 $191.10


Mountville Mills Classic Carpets - Watch a video about the Classic Carpets and read the product specifications

Colors Available:

Autumn Brown Blueberry Frost Burgundy Berry Stardust Grey Dark Granite Midnight Blue


Mountville Mills Classic Mats - Watch a video about the Classic Mats and read the product specifications

Colors Available:

Brownstone 2 Cranberry 41 Cabot Grey 3 Charcoal 13 Emerald Green 19 Chocolate 9 Glen Green 29 Platinum 14
Red Black 1 Slate 43 Grey 11 Navy 16 Silver 42 Solid Red 21 Steel Blue 28 Suede 32


Prices for Classic Carpets and Classic Mats only:

Mat Size Biweekly Rental Annual Rental
2x3 $1.00 $26.00
3x4 $1.75 $45.50
3x5 $2.00 $52.00
3x10 $2.75 $71.50
4x6 $2.15 $55.90
4x8 $2.80 $72.80
5x8 $3.70 $96.20
5x10 $4.60 $119.60
5x12 $5.50 $143.00
6x8 $4.90 $127.40
6x10 %610 $158.60
6x12 $7.35 $191.10


If you are interested in this service, here is what you need to know: 

  • CSI will purchase and retain ownership of a mat inventory that is leased out to contract laundry customers.  CSI will order a set of 2 mats that will typically be rotated weekly, to service one facility location.  More frequent pickups and deliveries can be accommodated as weather conditions dictate.
  • CSI will initially prep and deliver a set of mats to the facility and explain how the mats are to be rotated into the service/washing routine.
  • The facility is responsible to collect the soiled mats and deliver them to the laundry pickup site where the CSI driver also makes his routine laundry stop.  When one soiled mat is sent in for cleaning, the facility will utilize the second mat to provide the clean coverage for that location. 
  • CSI will provide a laundry cart to accommodate the collection and distribution of the rental mats.
  • The CSI driver will return the cleaned mats to the same laundry delivery location and will have a form for the facility personnel to sign for receipt.
  • The CSI laundries will clean and inspect the leased mats during the washing process.  Mats that are worn or damaged will be removed from service and replaced by CSI so the facility can expect continual high quality and maintenance free service.

Billing Information:

  • Billing will occur monthly based on a biweekly wash cycle throughout the year.  This routine will allow a clean mat to be rotated each week at each location.  The facility can expect to have 2 billing cycles included on the monthly bill for 10 months of the year.  There will be 3 billing cycles included in 2 months during the year, similar to a biweekly payroll calendar.
  • The billing routine will occur based on the set of mats provided per facility location.  The facility is responsible to collect the mats for processing and will be billed whether the service is utilized or not.

Please contact your CSI Sales Representative for more details.

Reupholster, Recondition and Refinish Service
Reupholster, Recondition and Refinish Service

CSI can reupholster you old chairs, loveseats and sofas or other similar products. We recondition and refinish wood products such as pews, desks, tables, chairs or any other piece requiring such service.

Our quality workmanship and materials ensure customer satisfaction. Here is how the process works:

  • Contact your CSI Sales Representative to discuss your project
  • We may ask you to supply us with photos of the items to be worked on or if necessary we will visit you at no cost to discuss the project
  • If applicable, select the fabric from the many choices we offer. Vinyl fabric is not available to reupholster chairs.
  • Select the wood stain and/or laminate.
  • We will provide you with the cost estimate of the project.
  • We will provide you an estimated completion date.
  • If agreed, CSI will schedule a pickup of the items to be worked on.
  • When the work is done we will schedule a delivery date.
  • CSI will pick up and delivery back (some restriction apply).
  • For work related to church pews please read more details here.

Here are some before and after photos:



Printing Services
Printing Services

Is your office copier keeping up with your printing needs? Want to stand-out from the rest? Our state-of-the-art digital press prints full color for a variety of printing requests. Our design team will work with you for all of your print and bindery projects. Contact the Print Shop directly at 402-479-6200 or for a price quote.

For years state agencies, counties, and non-profits have discovered the significant benefits from partnering with CSI. The benefits for you includes competitive pricing, high quality and dependability, design and wide selection, large production capacity and FREE Statewide Delivery.

Our skilled workers provide printing production in a variety of printing needs and services including: 


  • Offset Multi-Color Printing
  • Letterhead
  • Business Cards
  • Envelopes
  • Books and Booklets
  • Brochures/Pamphlets
  • Calendar: Wall, Desk and Pocket
  • Wide Format Printing
  • Receipt Books
  • Forms: 2, 3, and 4 Part
  • Stickers
  • Custom or Avery Labels


  • Assembly
  • Spiral Binding
  • Folding
  • Collating
  • Laminating
  • Hand Inserting
  • Stapling
  • Numbering
  • Scoring and Perforating


  • Die Cutting
  • Engraving
  • Etching - Laser and Rotary
  • Toner refill

Here are some photos of the CSI Print Shop located in Lincoln Correctional Center:



Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Program
Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Program

PIECP is a work program created by Congress in 1979 to encourage states and units of local government to establish employment opportunities for incarcerated men and women that approximate private-sector work opportunities. The program is designed to place incarcerated men and women in a realistic work environment, pay them the prevailing local wage for similar work, and enable them to acquire marketable skills to increase their potential for successful rehabilitation and meaningful employment on release.

Since 1987, CSI has been an active participant in the PIECP program. Our emphasis lies in seeking to establish working partnerships with private sector businesses, which provides benefits to the private-sector business and allows CSI to

  • generate products and services that enable incarcerated men and women to make a contribution to society
  • help offset the cost of their incarceration, compensate crime victims, and support their families
  • reduce incarcerated men and women idleness
  • increase incarcerated men and women job skills, and
  • improve the prospects for successful incarcerated men and women transition to the community upon release

Read more about the program here.

Please contact us for more information.

For Nebraska Business
For Nebraska Business

Are you searching for every possible advantage to increase profitability? CSI could be your answer. At CSI, we are a profit-oriented, quality supplier of a variety of products and services. Our operations include over 22 different work centers ranging from manufacturing to data entry. CSI can provide motivated and flexible incarcerated men and women and quality supervision at a competitive rate. In many cases, our affordable facilities have the equipment in place to support your needs. You will see why our motto is "We Build Opportunity!"

We can help you

  • Expand your business
  • Pursue new business
  • Access an available and dependable labor pool
  • Deal effectively with today's uneasy economy
  • Decrease direct labor and costs
  • Increase your "bottom line"

Cornhusker State Industries is ready to assist you in meeting your company's need for continued growth, competitiveness and profitability.

If you are interested for more information please contact us.


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