City and County governments always look for ways to save money no matter the state of the economy. CSI is here to help you save money or stretch you budget to get more of what you need. 

Free onsite visit and custom design – CSI prices include delivery and set up throughout Nebraska

CSI offers a wide variety of products for all city and county offices in Nebraska:

All products are built to last, using quality materials and craftsmanship. See photos below for examples of some of the furnishings we have made for many city and county offices, many of the custom made.

City office customers include City Council, Mayor’s Office, City Attorney, Building and Safety, Finance Department, Health Department, City Parks and Recreation, Planning Department, Public Works and Utilities Department and Urban Development Department.

County office customers include Board of Commissioners, County Courts, County Attorney, Treasurer, Clerk, Engineer, and various other departments

For more information please contact your CSI Sales Representative (based on county). Here are some photographs from recent work we did for cities and counties from around Nebraska:

Click on the photos below to enlarge