CSI provides classroom, cafeteria, library and office furnishings as well as custom items for the gym/athletic department. CSI sales representatives can visit your school and provide you with a custom design of the space(s) involved at no cost. CSI prices include delivery and set up throughout Nebraska.

New Products for Schools: Sitka 4-Leg Stack Chairs, Sitka Task Stool, and Shibby Modular Seating

For School Libraries:

  • Standard bookcases of all sizes, including custom made sizes
  • Corner bookcases
  • Special design library products: magazine racks, octagon bookcases, tower bookcases, book carts
  • Custom circulation desks and cabinets
  • Various types and sizes of tables and chairs
  • Ottomans
  • Children Furniture
  • Sofas and tables
  • For the library offices: desks, chairs and filing cabinets
  • Anything else you need that we can custom design to fit your need

For Classrooms:

  • Student desks and chairs
  • We offer over a dozen tables of various shapes for classroom use and 24 wooden tables of various sizes and shapes.
  • Teacher desks and chairs
  • Bookcases
  • Custom storage furnishings

For Cafeterias:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Table/Seat combos
  • We offer 48 varieties of rectangular tables with seats, 8 varieties of round tables with seats

For Offices:

  • Custom circulation desks
  • Office desks and chairs
  • Credenzas and other custom furnishings
  • Modern FlexStation Desking Systems with divider walls
  • Sit/Stand Workstations
  • Filing cabinets
  • Conference room tables and chairs
  • Awards, signs and badges

For the Athletic Department:

  • Equipment reconditioning
  • New mats for the football stadium
  • New mats for the basketball court

Prose and Cons Braille products available. See more information and a list of available products.

Discover the significant benefits of our Printing Services.

All products are built to last, using quality materials and craftsmanship. For more information please contact your CSI Sales Representative (based on county).

See recent photographs of projects from throughout Nebraska. Additional photos of already completed projects can be seen in our Pinterest page.

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