Delivery and Set Up

Delivery and Set Up

CSI prices include delivery and set up throughout Nebraska. Therefore, there is no additional cost for

  • New products ordered
  • Replacement products covered under warranty
  • After finishing reconditioning/refinishing/reupholstering
  • After repairs are done

CSI will set up products to the desired location. If needed, CSI will also assemble products as previously agreed (i.e. will connect bookcases together).  Customers are required to have the location clear of any old furnishings prior to delivery. Customers must inform CSI prior to delivery of any obstacles (short or narrow doors, narrow hallways, stairs etc) that will make the delivery difficult so CSI can respond appropriately before the product(s) delivery.

CSI will also pick up the items from your location:

  • Products requiring work under warranty
  • CSI product not under warranty which require repair
  • Products requiring reconditioning/refinishing/reupholstering

Based on the products ordered, additional work may be needed requiring a contractor to be hired at the customer's expense. Keep in mind that CSI will not

  • Install bookshelves in bookcases
  • Install cabinets or other products that require fastening them to the wall. Customers must arrange for such installation with a contractor at their expense. 
  • Alter the product on-site, such as cutting holes for grommets, other utility or other services. Make sure you discuss all such requirements with your sales representative before ordering. 
  • Make any electrical, phone or data cable installations.
  • Install signs of any type
  • Install gym pads on the wall. A contractor will hire a contractor of their choice and at their own expense for such installation.
  • Under-cabinet Tuck LED Light.
  • Assemble or install M2.1 monitor arms to the a desk, table or sit/stand workstations. Customer should use their IT department for such assembly and installation.
  • Install the FlexCharge 4 power module to a desk or other surface.
  • Assemble grills.
  • Unfasten /re-install church pews before/after reconditioning/refinishing/reupholstering is done.
  • Pick up items intended for Surplus unless first coordinated with CSI's Supply Manager - charges may apply
  • Perform moving jobs (i.e. move your furnishings from one office to another office or from one building to another building) unless first coordinated with CSI's Supply Manager - charges will apply

For complex Flexstation WorkSurfaces that include PowerWorks Panels, CSI will charge appropriate installation charges and will provide an experienced team to do the installation.

If you have any questions regarding our delivery or the set up of the products you ordered please contact your CSI Sales Representative.