Adding Sit-Stand capability to an existing workstation couldn’t be easier. The tool-free installation takes minutes and only requires an existing desk or tabletop at least 24" deep.

A cantilevered design allows it to securely hold 35lbs of equipment 20" above the tabletop, but a pneumatic mechanism with infinite adjustability allows you to position the monitor lift anywhere over its 13.8" height range. Height adjustments with the paddle controls will be familiar to anyone with a task chair.

In addition to the spacious 35.4" x 15.7" main platform, it includes a 26.4" x 7.5" keyboard and mouse platform. This keyboard platform can be tilted over a 20° range to achieve the perfect typing angle whether the user is in a standing or seated position.

See a comparisson between the Volante and the Varidesk Pro Plus™ 36 here.

Sleek and intuitive doesn’t mean underpowered when it comes to this Sit-Stand unit. The capacity and size of the main platform are sufficient to accommodate 2-24" monitors side by side, and a grommet at the rear of it allows you to use a monitor mount to support them. If your monitor is on a stand, the grommet can be covered completely or partially to allow cables to pass through. 

Regardless of the equipment you choose to use with it, this will make joining the Sit-Stand revolution a breeze.

CSI will deliver the workstation fully assembled and will install the optional monitor mount at no additional cost, however CSI will not install monitors on the arm of workstations. Customer should use their IT department for such installation.

CSI prices include delivery and set up throughout Nebraska.

Product Listing/Pricing

Item # G-FR-VDS-5230B01

Sit-Stand workstation only

Item # G-FR-KICM-003

Single monitor mount

Item # G-FR-KICM-004

Dual monitor mount

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