The PowerWorks® Panel System is modular in nature, designed for office environments that require frequent reconfiguration. Powerworks' building blocks of design are also just the tools for teams that want to think outside the box of the typical workstation. Using multiple panel heights in divider walls provides privacy without stifling communication and adds visual appeal. The modularity of PowerWorks panels stems from separate frame, tile, and trim systems that assemble entirely with only a rubber mallet. A screwdriver and wrench are required to assemble overheads and install worksurfaces. A pre-wired power system can be run in the modular units at four standard heights. Hundreds of data cables can be managed throughout the panel system. PowerWorks accommodates all standard types of cables. PowerWorks also supports a Modular Data System. Additional furnishings, such as desks, are available from our FlexStation Desking Systems product line. Mobile filing cabinets and office chairs will complete your design.

The PowerWorks frame is simple to assemble and disassemble since it is based on only four basic parts (the full vertical post, half vertical post, corner connector block, and horizontal rail). Horizontal rails are designed to be added and removed without disturbing the vertical posts or power/data cables managed throughout the system. All cables are laid into the system without threading through the frame to greatly enhance the ability to reconfigure the system with minimal disruption and downtime. Vertical posts can later be stacked one on top of another to easily change panel height.

Panels come in different styles to offer the user complete control over the office environment.

  • Monolithic, which consist of full fabric tiles
  • Segmented, consisting of size choices of segmented fabric tiles – allows for multiple fabric styles and colors to be used
  • Stackable styles
  • Full glass panels
  • Half glass and half monolithic style
  • Half glass and half segmented style

All three styles are based on the same basic parts so they can easily be mixed and matched to maximize flexibility and value.

The size of the panels range from 12” to 60” in width and 30” to 84” in height.

Additional accessories include doors, rolling screen door, door threshold, acoustic or open tiles, various worksurfaces that can be hung on the panels themselves, keyboards and drawers, shelves and cabinets plus mobile filing pedestals.

See the brochure from our vendor. The PowerWorks panel systems require factory installation and additional installation charges apply. Please contact your CSI Sales Representative for more information.

CSI will visit your location anywhere in Nebraska to take measurements and discuss the various options at no charge to you.

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