Sitka Chairs Technical Specifications

Sitka Chairs Technical Specifications


Weight Limit
Tested and warranted to 300 lbs weight limit.

Backrest and Seat
Injection-molded polypropylene (Poly).

Optional Upholstered Seat and Back
Urethane foam is attached to an injection-molded polypropylene liner board, then upholstered using a draw-string process. Seat foam is molded nominal 1” thickness, and back foam is nominal ½” thickness. The flush-head fasteners that attach the back pad are color-matched to the polypropylene.

4-leg and Caster Frames
Legs are made from 7/8” OD x 13-gauge tubular steel. A single ring of 1/2” diameter steel wire forms the crossmember. The fixed backrest mechanism structure is formed of 1/2” diameter steel wire. All joints are welded.

Frame Finishes
Frames are finished in either baked-on electrostatically-applied 30 degree gloss epoxy powdercoating, or bright nickel-chrome plating.

Backrest Articulation Mechanism
Two outer backrest supports formed from 1” diameter tubular steel are inserted into sockets molded into the backrest, and secured with screws. The backrest assembly moves over molded thermoplastic slide bushings and is supported by steel coil springs. This mechanism allows the backrest to move through 15 degrees of movement, about an axis of rotation that is through the hips of the occupant.

Optional cantilever arms are available. When equipped with arms, the support structure is a continuation of the rear leg, finished to match the frame color. The armrests are injection-molded glass-reinforced nylon. Arm color matches the frame finish, (except chrome, hammertone, and metallic finishes which match the poly color). Diamond translucent poly has Light Tone arms. Pewter translucent poly has Flannel arms. Bronze translucent poly has Chocolate arms. The steel frame tube is inserted into a socket molded into the armrest, and secured with a screw.

4-leg stack chairs and stools include casters. Casters are double-wheel high-impact thermoplastic, available with hard or soft wheel surface, in black only.