State Government

State Government

All State of Nebraska agencies are bound by Nebraska state statute 83-145, including all Departments, Commissions, Agencies, Divisions, Boards, Councils, Partnerships, Committees, Task Forces, Offices and the Nebraska State Patrol.

Free onsite visit and custom design – CSI prices include delivery and set up throughout Nebraska

CSI offers a wide variety of products for all State of Nebraska offices:

  • Office desks, office chairs, custom design credenzas, bookcases, filing cabinets and other custom made products you need
  • For modern look, complete flexstation desking systems separated by powerworks panel walls
  • For meeting rooms, conference tables and chairs and custom furnishings to meet your need
  • Custom designed board room furniture, including tables/benches and chairs
  • For entry spaces, custom designed desks, chairs and other furniture as needed
  • For waiting rooms, sofas, chairs and tables
  • Four designs of sit/stand workstations
  • Multiple designs of personalized awards
  • Signs and badges of various types and sizes
  • Outdoor furnishings for parks or just the outdoor spaces around buildings
  • Janitorial products available for all state agencies – major savings
  • Clothing and furnishings for law enforcement
  • Laundry service
  • Discover the significant benefits of our Printing Services.
  • License plates for the Nebraska DMV

All products are built to last, using quality materials and craftsmanship. CSI prices include delivery and set up throughout Nebraska. For more information please contact your CSI Sales Representative (based on county). See photos below to see examples of some of the furnishings we have made for many State of Nebraska offices, many of the custom made (click on a photo to enlarge):

The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency command center used furnishings from CSI such as tables, chairs and filing cabinets: